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Head PGA Professional - Duncan Moore


Duncan is highly regarded as one of the best coaches in golf and explores the ultimate question WHY. Through over 20 years of research, experience and the relentless desire to understand the exactness of the golf swing, Duncan is at the pinnacle of coaching.

Do you do one of the following:

Slice it, hook it, top it, shanks, thin it, pull it, push it, fats, struggle chipping, decelerate, poor from 100 to 40 yards, struggle hitting ¾ shots, miss putts both left and right, struggle with long range putts, take too much sand or not enough sand in bunkers, swing over the top and across the line, don’t turn your shoulders, bend your left arm at the top, over swing, reverse pivot, don’t transfer your weight, hit the ball too high, hit the ball too low, play well and then take an 8 on your card, inconsistent….

Aren’t you tired of people telling you what’s wrong with your game? For Duncan his priority is to establish WHY you’ve got the problem.

Case Study: Hit a large number of Fats hitting the ground before the ball.

His angle of attack was too shallow. He was swinging too much on the inside grounding the club prematurely. His weight was on his back foot on impact. When avoiding the fat his bad shot turned to a thin.

He was stood too close to the ball leading to his weight being “sat back” in his heels. This in turn shallowed out his path. Due to the weight being in the heels he was unable to transition weight towards the target from the backswing.
By moving further away from the ball and moving his body weight into the balls of his feet, posture improved, angle of attack improved, path improved more down target line, transfer of weight to target improved. This lead to making contact with the ball first, then divot and was able transition weight to target with his right heel up off the ground, staring at the flag in a full balance pose. Immediate results were gained and the problem was gone after three sessions over four weeks.

Don’t keep guessing. Book in for a lesson with Duncan now and see how quickly you can get your game in the place you really want it.

With High Speed Analysis, specific drills on exactly how to achieve the necessary goals and very few balls to be hit in between lessons, Duncan will give you the smoothest possible route to success with as little interruption as possible. Every lesson is fully documented with directions and images and emailed to yourself before you leave the session.                    

Duncan is a Short Game Expert and will coach you correct positions to enable exact ball flight, strike, distance control and controlled spin. Understand how the chip works from 35 yards and less. Understand how the “Pitch” works from 100 yards to 35 yards. Guranteed improvements.

"Putting is simple" people say. So why do you struggle so much? Are you using the correct putter designed for your swing with correct face balance? Putting requires exceptional precision.

Case Study: Missed putts left and right with poor strikes and poor distance control.
Multiple paths were being delivered sending the ball down different lines and poor centeredness of strike. This meant the well struck ball went long and the poorly struck ones were short.
Eyes were not over the ball and poor spine angle. This lead to shoulders rotating rather than moving up and down target line. This caused hips to rotate affecting stability, creating inconsistent swing paths and therefore delivering random clubface positions on impact.
Increased spine angle from the hips and in turn got eyes over the ball. In turn shoulders began to move up and down target. Focussing on his belt buckle not moving, stabilising movements and therefore increased strike precision and in turn improved distance control.

Come for a Playing Lesson and see the game through the Professional's eyes. Whether it be awkward lies, speciality shots or perhaps you can't identify your weaknesses, Duncan will add vital missing links to your game no matter what your level of ability.

​Lessons Prices:

30 Minute Lesson £25
45 Minute Lesson £35

Three 30 Minute Lessons £65

Six 30 Minute Lessons £120

Ten 30 Minute Lessons £190

1 Hour Playing Lesson £40
2 Hour Playing Lesson £70

Gap Testing Club Yardage Evaluation (details below) £30

Game Improvement Package (details below) £195

Gap Testing Club Yardage Evaluation
This service is designed to give you accurate yardages for all of your clubs to the yard. Both carry and full distance can be provided, of which all data is emailed post session.

Game Improvement Package
1 Hour Game Assessment in our Indoor Golf Simulator
Three 45 Minute Lessons
2 Hour Playing Lesson



Assistant Professional - Matt Stanworth

Matthew delivers friendly, high quality professional golf tuition.  A good golf game is made up out of several important elements and Matthew will use a variety of easy to understand techniques & technologies to help you learn & improve whatever aspect of your game you want to work on whilst allowing you to still enjoy your golf.

Matthew is passionate about providing the best coaching and is continually developing his own knowledge including becoming Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level one certified , which means using the TPI Physical screening allows him to acess if a student has any physical limitations.  This then allows him to choose coaching methods which are going to be the most efficient & functional to that player.

During the sessions your swing is filmed using High Speed Cameras from different angles, club & ball data is analysed using GC2 or Flightscope launch monitors, the data provided along with the videos can then easily be assessed identifying the issues in your game.  At the end of the session we can email you the Flightscope data as well as images of your swing, with lesson notes explaining the changes that need to be made whilst also recommending any tips and drills to help the problem areas, this enables you to look back and not forget anything.

Follow Matthew on  Twitter to get some great free drills to incorporate into your own practice sessions!!

Lessons Prices:

30 Minute Lesson£18
30 Minute Simulator Lesson£20
45 Minute Lesson£25
60 Minute Lesson£30

1 Hour Playing Lesson£25
2 Hour Playing Lesson£40

Three 30 Minute Lessons£50
Six 30 Minute Lessons (plus 1 hour playing lesson)£100
Six 60 Minute Lessons (plus 2 hour playing lesson)£170

Gap Testing Club Yardage Evaluation (details below)£30

Gap Testing Club Yardage Evaluation
This service is designed to give you accurate yardages for all of your clubs to the yard. Both carry and full distance can be provided, of which all data is emailed post session.


Assistant Professional - Elliott Lister

Elliott has always been keen on his sport, playing football for Burnley Football Club for seven years from the age of 9. At the age of 16 his attention turned towards golf and started playing at Bradley Hall Golf Club. Elliott’s first handicap of 17 was reduced to +1 in only three years.

Elliott represented Bradley Hall’s Scratch Team from the age of 16, played for the Senior Halifax and Huddersfield Union side and in his final year as a junior, was the Captain of the Junior Halifax and Huddersfield Union.

In 2015 Elliott won the Bradley Hall Scratch Match play, Bradley Hall Scratch Cup and in 2016 The Yorkshire Order of Merit 36 hole Scratch Salver at Bingley St Ives.

In 2016, after a season of golf fluctuating between scratch and +1, Elliott decided to pursue the game of golf as a career. Elliott turned Professional under Duncan’s guidance and enrolled in the PGA Training Programme.

To take advantage of Elliott’s golfing expertise please call the ProShop now and book in for a lesson.

Lessons Prices:

30 Minute Lesson£14

Three 30 Minute Lessons£30

Six 30 Minute Lessons£50

2 Hour Playing Lesson£25

Gap Testing Club Yardage Evaluation (details below)£30          

​Gap Testing Club Yardage Evaluation

This service is designed to give you accurate yardages for all of your clubs to the yard. Both carry and full distance can be provided, of which all data is emailed post session.


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