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Mark Wild – Northcliffe Golf Club - 4 Handicap

"I was in need of a few pointers to increase my % of strike over 18 holes. Duncan highlighted a few minor issues. I now have 4 reference points to use that have significantly increased strike purity. His attention to detail, his genuine interest in your game & wanting you to do well is great. Always willing to help".

Pete Corry – Northcliffe Golf Club - 13 Handicap

"The good thing about Duncan is that he doesn't just give you a quick fix and send you on your way, he goes into detail about all aspects of the golf swing, so that you understand what you should be doing and seeing the results out on the course. I had many lessons before seeing Duncan and think he is the best Golf Professional I have had lessons with and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in wanting to improve their game''.

Chris Brown –  Headley Golf Club - 4 Handicap 

"I’ve been having lessons with Duncan regularly this year after my game became a little stale. After a few tweaks with alignment and swing path, I am now playing the best golf I've played for quite some time. Duncan keeps it simple and has instilled bags of confidence and the results speak for themselves, thanks Duncan". 

Chris Barwick - Northcliffe Golf Club - 15 Handicap
"Since joining the club a few years ago, Duncan has helped improve my game and I've seen my handicap reduce from 28 to 15 in a relatively short space of time. Duncan's lessons focus on what you need as an individual and not a "one size fits all", approach. 
In addition to lessons, Duncan takes the time to play a round when he can and provide tips and encouragement at every opportunity. 

When I've considered upgrading my equipment, Duncan has always helped me understand where I'm at with my game and where I'm going to be in six months to ensure real value for money. I will continue my training plan with Duncan and I am confident my game will continue to improve under his guidance". 

Steve Bell –  Headley Golf Club & ex Partnership Manager at Oakbank School- 10 Handicap 

"I've known Duncan for several years. Whilst he was at Keighley GC we worked together promoting and teaching golf in schools in the area. Duncan was awesome with the school kids. He made the lessons fun and enjoyable . The kids loved him and so enjoyed their first taste of golf!

More recently I turned to Duncan at Northcliffe GC as I have been having problems with my short game. His lessons in the indoor facility at Northcliffe have totally changed my technique and mental approach to chipping! I cannot speak highly enough about Duncan's teaching and would recommend him to ANYONE". 

Tim Baldwin – Northcliffe Golf Club - 9 Handicap

"After recently struggling with my game, Duncan kindly offered some direction. After a couple of lessons and continuous support, the changes had drastic improvement. Duncan's practical approach makes any changes very easy to apply. This no doubt has improved my game immeasurably. Much appreciated".

Stephen Brown – Headley Golf Club - 12 Handicap

"After many years of experiencing problems with my swing, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get some lessons. Duncan Moore was recommended to me by a fellow golfer and after just a few lessons I started to see improvements in my swing. Duncan works with what I have and after a few tweaks here and there my game is now on the up. A great bloke, with a vast knowledge of the game and one I would highly recommend taking a lesson from".

David Gearie - South Bradford Golf Club - 13 Handicap

"I've started having lessons with Duncan after trying out new Ping irons. His honesty in telling me that my own clubs were as good as current clubs on the market was refreshing. Since having lessons my ball striking has improved beyond my expectations. His simple yet effective methods are easy to follow and I leave every lesson with such confidence that I shall be continuing with Duncan in my persuit of single
figure golf which I now believe possible". 

Jim Ashley – Northcliffe Golf Club - 17 Handicap

"Being in a state of despair having played golf for a substantial number of years at a reasonably consistent level, never brilliant but a steady Eddie. I reached a stage where I was contemplating retirement from the game and taking up bowling or fishing. My game had bottomed out where I could not hit a ball cleanly with any club. As a last final step I had an assessment from Duncan utilising audio visual equipment and his expertise to analyse my swing and set drills for me to work on over a period of time. Nothing too drastic, and after a short period I am now back enjoying my golf and hitting the ball. 
Confident that I will get back playing to a 14 handicap by end of season, thank you Duncan".

David Jackson – Keighley Golf Club - 11 Handicap

"I have lessons and also take my son to have lessons with Duncan and I and my son think that he is a great teacher, very patient and positive".

Ian Livingstone – Northcliffe Golf Club - 14 Handicap

"I decided to invest some time and effort on golf lessons with Duncan after becoming frustrated with the same handicap for too many years. I was keen to iron out the inconsistencies in all aspects of my game. The coaching expertise of Duncan and the technology in the simulator has enabled me to develop a more powerful and consistent golf swing, with both irons and woods. I am particularly pleased with my new pitch shots on to the green - I now hit the ball with more confidence and like to see it bounce and stop where I aim.

Any skill at any sport can be improved by quality professional coaching. I recognise lessons with Duncan has improved my practice and enhanced my enjoyment of golf".

Brian Wilson - Bradley Park Golf Club - 13 Handicap
"I have been working with Duncan for approximately 12 months now. Over my years of playing I have seen quite a few golf instructors including some high profile ones and I have to say Duncan is the best I have worked with. Duncan has a very good understanding of the golf swing, especially the short game where I needed most help. After lessons, I am sent bullet point notes via e-mail and given practice routines to follow. My progress in all areas we have worked on has been excellent. 
I would also point out the facilities at Northcliffe are first-rate. The simulator is a god send in winter. 
I have no hesitation in recommending Duncan to any standard of golfer looking to elevate their golf game".

Steve Williams  – Northcliffe Golf Club - 23 Handicap

"My short game around the greens was dire with fat and thin wedge shots appearing seemingly at random costing me countless shots each round and causing frustration and anger at myself and this stupid game we all play. In short, my short game needed some attention; open heart surgery would be a better way to describe my need.

I knew Duncan was an acknowledged short game expert and eagerly waited for the rains to abate and take a few lessons. I signed up for 6 lessons in all. First off, Duncan listened to me describe my issues with patience but I suspect he may have heard similar stories before. He changed my set up to the ball and strike dramatically. I know that change is nearly always uncomfortable and the body twists that I now perform were pretty awkward at first. However, now three weeks on, chipping around the greens is feeling more natural. What is more, I have dropped 4 shots from my handicap as a result of not throwing away shots needlessly. I do feel that there is more to come too.

A game of golf is now to be looked forward to".

Mark & Neil Lambert - Unattached 

Mark and I are 35 year old twins from the Saltaire area and have been to a few coaches before but we started using Duncan from last year. Our game dramatically improved, he helped us drop our handicap and we can now really enjoy a game of golf. He makes the lessons really enjoyable, is always smiling and you know he really knows his stuff. He is always thinking hard about how to make us better. 
The facilities we are taught in are excellent and his use of videoing us whilst swinging really has been incredibly useful - in fact I use this app to video myself in my house/garden! He often takes us on the golf course to improve us on the short game. I think his short game lessons are his biggest asset so if you have any problems with the short game his lessons will dramatically improve you! On the longer game we started to get real consistency and this is what you are looking for if you want to enjoy golf! 
One of the main reasons we wanted to get better at golf is because I have been to a golf tournament with around twelve of my mates for 13 years and always came last or close to last. Last year after about 10 lessons with Duncan we came second and fourth. This year one of us will hopefully win. To have the name on the trophy after all these years would be amazing!

Chris Addy - Unattached - 28 Handicap
"As a 28 handicap golfer for more years than I care to remember, I decided it was high time to embark upon lessons for the first time in my life. I was a self taught golfer, picking up tips from TV, friends and latterly the internet. It will come as no surprise that this method of learning failed to improve my golf. 
Having played at Northcliffe a couple of times, I found myself on the mailing list for the newsletter sent out at regular intervals by Duncan, including the offer of reasonably priced lessons. I liked the newsletter, so with some trepidation I bit the bullet and enrolled with Duncan for a number of sessions. I did not regret it.
The upshot of the time I have spent with Duncan is that my golf has improved considerably. He has coached me in a number of different aspects including ball address, body shape and swing but equally importantly in terms of a positive mental attitude when playing. His work on my short game for example brought instantaneous results.
The lessons are enjoyable and rewarding. He has a very friendly and relaxed style of approach. He never criticises, but always encourages and he leaves you feeling motivated and confident. Based upon my own experience, whether you are a high or low handicap golfer, I would not hesitate to recommend Duncan".

Ashleigh Pell - Skipton Golf Club - 19 Handicap
"I first met Duncan at Keighley Golf Club and his personality was the reason I wanted to invest in his tuition. Previous coaches just hadn't connected with my incessant curiosity! Duncan is genuinely interested in the person as part of his overall assessment. There's a psychological influence that Duncan unknowingly possesses. My short game was woeful and costing many shots, but Duncan gave me a positive, workable structure that restored my hunger for improvement. Work stood in the way of regular practice until my recent retirement. The 65th birthday gift to myself was more of the Duncan magic. He took me to the Ping fitting centre to be measured for my new clubs and what an experience that was! Duncan's knowledge of my biomechanics, coupled with the Ping technology, has produced a fabulous set of clubs that I played confidently with immediately. Work in the simulator with Duncan, and the new clubs, has rejuvenated my love of the game and I cannot thank him enough for his unparalleled experience in extracting positive and truly measurable results. The man is a genius and absolute pleasure to be with------treat yourselves!"

Allan Reid - Northcliffe Golf Club - 15 Handicap

I have been a member now at Northcliffe Golf Club for 3 years where I first met Duncan.I have always had lessons with my previous Club Professionals. At the time of joining Northcliffe my game wasn't at its best and was struggling for consistency. I decided to have a lesson with Duncan to see if a fresh perspective would be of assistance.
Duncan's teaching techniques and facilities are second to none. He is patient (even with my unconventional approach to golf!) and doesn't over complicate or overload you with information so you don't become confused. I would fully endorse and recommend lessons with Duncan and his team at MooreGolf.

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