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Are You Looking To Improve Your Golf Game?? Look No Further...

Head PGA Professional - Matt Stanworth

Matthew delivers friendly, high quality golf tuition.  He believes a good golf game is made up out of several important elements and Matthew will use a variety of techniques & technologies to help you improve whatever aspect of your game you want to work on whilst allowing you to still enjoy your golf during the process.  Matthew has invested in being able to coach in a fantastic environment all year around, so no matter what the weather conditions you are able to get a golf lesson either outdoors on our Practice Range, Short Game Area or indoors in our state of the art Golf Performance Studio .

During your coaching sessions with our Matt your swing is filmed using High Speed Cameras from different angles plus club & ball data is analysed using the latest launch monitor technology.  The data provided along with the videos can then identify the areas of weakness in your game that need to be improved upon.  ​At the end of the coaching session you will go away with lesson notes explaining the changes that need to be made whilst also recommending any drills to help whilst practicing, this enables you to refer back and not forget anything from the lesson maximising the investment you have made in your golf!! 

Lessons Prices -

  • 40 Minute Lesson -   £20
  • 60 Minute Lesson -  £30
  • 60 Minute Playing Lesson -  £30
  • 120 Minute Playing Lesson -  £40 ​ 

Custom Fitting- 

  • Driver Fitting (45 Minutes) - £25
  • Iron Fitting (45 Minutes) - £25
  • Putter Fitting (45 Minutes)  - £25
    The cost of all fittings is taken taken off the price of the clubs if purchased within 14 days of fitting.

​ OR CALL THE SHOP ON 01274 596731 (OPT 1)

Client Testimonials -

I have been playing golf for a number of years and have, on occasion in the past, visited a couple of golf coaches to try and improve my game with only very limited success. On each occasion I had new techniques to adopt, videos to review, but far too many things to work on and nothing that, long term, really worked for me.

Earlier this year whilst still struggling with one particular aspect of my game (the quality an consistency of my irons) was starting to hamper my enjoyment of the game, I approached Matt for help. I have to say, however, conscious of the limited past success with other coaches this was more out of a mixture of desperation and hope rather than any real expectation.

Matt quickly understood the issues I was facing and after spending a little time with me on the practice ground, looking at my swing and general set up he identified a number of possible solutions. We worked on these in turn and together made a few simple adjustments, and in no time at all I was striking the ball better than I have ever done before. Matt has a very straightforward and easy to understand method of teaching and what is the most important for me, as a golfer, is the changes we made together are simple to adopt and ARE WORKING!! My game has come on leaps and bounds with only a couple of lessons and I am now enjoying my game more than I have for some time.  Over the 2019 season my handicap has fallen from 21 to 16 thanks to the coaching programme with Matt!

(Phil Walker, Hcp 16)

I have been playing golf for around seven years. Throughout this time, I have tried many different coaches, with whom I have achieved various degrees of success. Around 4 years ago, whilst searching for a new golf coach, I decided to give Matt’s tuition a try.

I was immediately impressed with Matt’s teaching style. He identified some areas that I needed to work on and suggested some drills that would help with the changes we were making. Matt’s teaching style is simple and easy to follow. What I liked the most was his reluctance to make major changes to my swing. Some instructors that I have tried in the past have wanted me to change my swing entirely in order to hit a certain ball shape, something which I disliked. Matt instead worked with my swing and tried to make simple, but highly effective changes that would not interrupt my ability to play out on the course. At the end of the lesson, he gave me some notes on my swing to take away with me, as well as some video images which I could try to replicate whilst practising on my own; I thought this was very useful.

 I am still having lessons with Matt and my golf has progressed incredibly: my handicap has fallen from 13 to 5 and my swing has become more consistent. I believe that without Matt’s tuition, I would not have progressed this far and I would not have achieved my aim of becoming a single figure handicapped golfer. 

(Hannah Chaudry, Hcp 4)

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